The Eye of Horus

The family had been in the car all day.  We were returning from a funeral in Minnesota, where the weather had turned cold and cloudy to match everyone’s mood.  We were now in South Dakota, heading West on I90.  The horizon had been as gray as the rest of the sky, but it start to change slightly.   It turned into a blue thread, then opened up into a yellow ribbon.  The cloud layer did not envelope the Earth.  It had an edge, and beyond it was the promise of clear sky.  I stopped the car to photograph it.

Land does not meet sky

The Light At The End of The Tunnel

The yellow color was a sign that the sun was low and about to set.    The cornfield was not the most exciting scenery, and we were still hundreds of miles from home, so I got back in the car and continued driving.  I knew that at some point we would either break free of the cloud or the sun would drop through the gap between cloud and ground.  I was not disappointed… Continue reading →