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Baltic UFO Redux has released a new sonar image containing both alleged UFOs.  Since it is of higher resolution than those I used in my original post, and because this is the first time the second UFO image has been directly hosted by them , I am posting new enhanced images of both.

High Resolution Baltic UFO 1

The First Baltic UFO

High Resolution Baltic UFO 2

The Second Baltic UFO


I promised I’d state my opinion on what these images represent…

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The Baltic UFOs

A filtered sonar image of the Baltic "UFO." Original courtesy Peter Lindberg

Somewhere in the murky waters of the Baltic Sea – only the Ocean X Team knows where – a strange circular object lies 280 feet down on the sea floor.  The story originally broke last August, but some sort of critical mass was reached by a CNN report on January 26 claiming there’s a second such object down there – curiously timed with an announcement on the discoverers’ web page  that begs for investment money for a May 2012 visit to the objects.  Web sites the world over now host the original sonar image with minor variations in orientation, color, contrast enhancement, and sharpening (which unfortunately often highlights stuff that really isn’t there).  Consistent comparisons to the Millenium Falcon are drawn, though it would appear that if Han parked it there, he flew it in backwards.  Poor Chewie will be scraping mud from the sublight engines for days.   Both images are of poor quality – an article in Popular Mechanics suggested the sonar settings were set incorrectly and some have questioned whether this is an image of anything at all.     I believe at least one of the signals is real.  Unfortunately they are disrupted by numerous parallel lines, some sort of periodic, broad-spectrum noise.  Perhaps every time the boat crested a big wave and slapped down into the water behind, the noise from the slap overwhelmed the sound from the sonar ping returning from the deep.  Here I present the same images with a twist – I used a special filter to remove the lines.  You are the first people on the planet to see these enhanced images.
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