CenturyLink Hates Poor People

CenturyFinkCenturyLink will offer only 1.5 Mbps internet at my house and in a tiny circle of surrounding residences. The area happens to be a mix of private residences and housing authority townhouses for the poor. My back door faces a street with a strip beside it reserved for utilities: it’s fairly modern and all cables are buried. I’m at most a mile from the nearest DSLAM, which should be good for at least 19 Mbps DSL. So my conclusion is that CenturyLink must hate poor people.

Because if that isn’t it, we’d be forced to conclude that lazy salespeople ignored the dozens of phone calls, emails, and availability searches made on their website about my address over the last 4 years, or they consulted an inaccurate database populated with data from confused technicians about ailing infrastructure. We might be surprised that they wouldn’t lift a finger to stop the $720/year going to their direct competitor Charter. In fact it kind of looks like an incompetently managed company that doesn’t care about returning money to its shareholders. But it couldn’t possibly be that. It must be that CenturyLink hates poor people.

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