The Geminids of 2012

Twin Geminids visit Orion and a pair of pines

Things have gotten pretty busy since the kid started going to preschool, and the website has suffered from neglect.  It seems like the only thing I can make time for is the occasional meteor shower.  And so here are the Geminids, in photos taken from the same mountain pass as the Perseids in my previous post.  I like the Geminids.  They are bright, slow-moving, yellow, and clumpy.  Clumpy is not a technical word, it is my own description.  I found that meteors in this particular shower were far more likely to occur in pairs, appearing virtually simultaneously and in the same area of the sky, than any other shower I’ve seen.  That fact that I was able to capture two in the same 20 second exposure appearing near the same trees should attest to that.  It is not lost on me that the radiant is in Gemini, the Twins.

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