Westward Idaho

Idaho Storm
A storm boils up boils up in Idaho, May 23, 2015.  Credit NOAA-NASA GOES Project

Western Montana typically gets thunder weather from the southwest, from Idaho.  This video assembled from data at the NOAA-NASA GOES Project shows a relatively rare phenomenon, a low pressure system pulling moist air from the northeast – from Montana – into a slightly warmer Idaho, where it blows up into a towering cloud as the sun sets in the west, May 23, 2015.  There’s a considerable amount of wind shear, with upper level flow pulling the highest clouds to the southeast.  This wall of cloud lit up yellow and orange by the setting sun must have been quite impressive-looking to the relatively few witnesses that live in central Idaho.

I assembled the gif while learning how to batch process large numbers of photos in Adobe Photoshop CS2 – I let the software crop and autocontrast a large series of photos rather than doing it myself one by one.   It was assembled as a gif in Adobe Imageready CS2.  It’s slightly older software, but powerful and fun to use.  And for some reason Adobe gave it away for free.

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