The corpus callosum is a band of axons in the brain that acts as a bridge between the left and right hemispheres.  And since the left and right sides of an average brain have radically different functions and personalities, it is the corpus callosum that makes a person whole and complete.  Being left-handed, I’ve always been keenly interested in the difference between left and right.  Left-handed and ambidextrous people have larger corpora callosa, on average.  I’m not claiming we’re smarter than righties – it may take an extra bit of connectivity just to function normally in a world built for right-handed people.

Expanding the analogy, there is a corpus callosum, a bridge, between any two opposing poles: male and female, East and West, Yin and Yang, science and art (some might say instead “science and religion”).  This site will cover a broad variety of topics representing the various obsessions the two hemispheres of my brain have (astronomy, photography, biology….).  Hopefully there will be some better material representing collaboration between the two.  There will inevitably be a certain geographical fixation on Montana, my current location, and on parenting because of my charming 3-year old and beautiful co-parent.

And one last note about the phrase “corpora collosa.”  It is Latin for “hard bodies.”  So in addition to its connection to the brain, the phrase is a gentle jab at my own flabby physique.  I don’t know what my excuse is.  My dad could probably bench-press my refrigerator full of food.  I need to step away from the computer and get some exercise.


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  1. Thanks for calling me a “beautiful co-parent”. That’s going to work out in your favor my friend 😉

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